a b o u t   s t e v e

Self-portrait, about 1978

m y   p h o t o g r a p h y
My earliest memories of using a camera start when I was about 4 or 5 years old. My elder stepsister owned a Brownie style camera, and I would borrow it and go outside and take photos of whatever, then return the camera. I don't remember ever seeing any of the pics I took with it, but presumably I had my stepsister scratching her head wondering when she took those shots. My work was done.

The first camera I owned myself was an early Kodak Instamatic. It used smaller size film (126) than the 120 as used by Brownies, so overall it was smaller, lighter, and I took it everywhere. I still have many pics taken with that Instamatic, from the 6th grade trip to New York City, to shots taken of the Christmas tree taken about 2am year after year after year.

m y   m u s i c
I've always grown up in an environment where music was a focus, either by playing, or listening, or otherwise enjoying it.








My Les Paul R9 50th Anniversary

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