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'05 e46 M3
I'm a car guy, and have always been a car guy. Even as a young kid, I paid attention to cars of all types. My Dad taught me to drive at an early age first by sitting on his lap and steering, then shifting from the passenger seat, then once I was tall enough, by driving on private roads, one of several Karman Ghias he owned. I was hooked.

These days I'm somewhat partial to BMW's and have owned several. Here's a shot of my current '05 M3 in all it's shiny splendor. Black cars look so good freshly polished but not so good when dirty. This is the seventh black car I've owned, so apparently I'm not bothered by dirty black cars all that much. 

Most of my racing has been "Autocross" which like a slalom style race against the clock. I drove this car to Topeka, Kansas twice to race in the SCCA National Championships. I didn't win there, but I do have a healthy trophy collection with this car.

Here we have my 1999 M3 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway during a BMW club day at the track. This is a "driver education" day, with instructor, still driving like I stole it. My M3 had many modifications to the suspension to make this an M3 to be reckoned with on the track.

About 2001 or so, a number of us crazy "carburetor nuts" got together and raced in a team go-cart endurance race. It was an 8 hour event at a local outdoor track against teams that been training for this by running previous cart races.

This was the first time for us and while I don't remember the specific placement, we put on a great show! Here I am leaning hard into a late apex left-hander.

Thanks to Mrs. T2 for the term "carburetor nuts." The comedic-irony to us was there wasn't a single carburetor among us... all fuel injected engines!

This was the car that started it all for me. I bought this amazing Acura Integra GSR new in 1995 after taking the unwitting salesman for a 120mph test drive up Rt. 128. I owned that car for about six years, during which time I spent about $30k in modifications including a complete engine rebuild to racing specs.

Even from my start in 1999, I set Class records on several courses and along with my Honda buddies raced at various official and makeshift tracks up and down the east coast. After graduating from Skip Barber Racing School in 2000, I raced with several groups including SCCA and BMWCCA. This shot is at Ft. Devens around 2001 where I raced in DSP class.

This is a 1960 VW Karman Ghia, very similar to the car I learned to drive in when I was about 8 or so. The styling was way ahead of anything else at the time, and I can see why it appealed to my father's architect eye.

I have many more stories and pics... check back again.

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