f o o d   a n d   r e c i p e s
D e v i l e d   A v o c a d o   E g g s
Prepare hard-boiled eggs: 12-15 min. under full boil. Then remove eggs from stove, fill pot with cold water, and let cool for an hour. Peel then slice the eggs in half, removing the yolks.
Halve a ripe avocado, removing the pit and chop coarsely. Add the yolks, 1T lime juice, 2T diced red onion, and dashes of salt and pepper. Refill the egg whites generously, and sprinkle with paprika and/or chili powder.

C o o k i n g   f o r   O n e
Since I've lived with just a cat for long times over the years, I understand that cooking for one isn't always that gratifying. However, I really love good food so I've learned to cook it with equal parts of efficiency and flavor. The pic shows my Salmon with Black Bean sauce (with twice baked potato and watercress salad) which is much easier to make than you might think. I learned at a young age about the passion of cooking, and have developed my own recipies for simple, great tasting food and will share my culinary secrets here.

A p p l e - P e a r   T a r t
Peel 5 firm (Granny Smith, Macoun) apples and 1 firm pear and split in half. Core all the halves with a melon baller and trim with pearing knife if necessary. Place each half flat side down and slice into 1/4" slices.

Combine spices: 1t cinnamon, 1/4t fresh ground nutmeg, 1/8t salt, 2t corn starch, 1t pure vanilla, juice from 1 small lime, 1/4C large crystal sugar. Toss fruit into the spice mixture and blend together.

Unroll Pillsbury pie crust onto floured surface. Roll out a little larger to have extra crust for fold-under edging. Hand mold crust into 10" or 9" pie pan. Lay apple slices overlapping as in picture, from center to edges spiraling up, with pears placed in the center layer. Pour remaining spice mixture on top and bake at 400 for 40 minutes.

Apricot glaze: Heat and stir good apricot preserves over medium heat until boiling. Filter through strainer and gently brush on top of cooled pie. Enjoy.

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