s t e v e ' s   m u s i c
I n s t r u m e n t s
My earliest guitar was a '64 Gibson Melody Maker that my girlfriend bought for me in 1974 for the grand sum of $75. An unmolested version would sell for $1000 here in 2013. I still own and play that guitar after all these years!

That Gibson guitar forever shaped my playing style and preference for Gibsons over Fenders. I've owned as many as 18 guitars at once, though that number has dwindled these days, and almost half of them have been Gibson. I do prefer Fender 60's style amps though.

Here's a shot of me with my Gibson Johnny A Signature and my customized '68 Fender Bandmaster Reverb. The amp has been modified so much that I put on a new faceplate that says "MaxBoogie Reverb." Bob and Jeff at DST Engineering have done ALL the customizing on my amps and their work is second to none!

M a x B o o g i e   B l u e s
On stage, I'm known as Max Boogie because, well, everyone should have a stage name! I play mostly in a Blues/Rock style which I adopted later in my career than most Blues musicians. Indeed, as Blues is a fundamental precursor to Rock, most musicians probably learn that genre before progressing to Rock.

My last band, and indeed my favorite band, was called Improper Gentlemen. We disbanded only a few years ago after playing as several incarnations for 4 or 5 years around the Boston area. We had dual guitars and vocals and played mostly up-tempo Blues standards as well as modern and original Blues tunes! We recorded material for a CD and while we didn't release an official CD, some of our tunes can be heard here. These days I can often be seen playing at various local Blues Jams.

E a r l y   D a y s
This is the earliest known photo of me in a band situation although there might be some shots from 1975 floating around somewhere. This shot is of our Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers cover band called Uranus. The name raised eyebrows and seemed like a good idea at the time.

While I had played a little piano when in grade school, I had only been playing guitar since 1974, which is a little late by today's guitar gods standards. Still I stuck with it and was in more original and limited cover bands such as T.I.T.S. and Greenheads. T.I.T.S. stood for Technology in Totalitarian Society and our original tunes were all influenced by early 80's technology. Here's an original basement recording from 1984 by the T.I.T.S. called Madam Modem.

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