a b o u t   t a z z
This is Tazz
Tazz is a little different than most other cats. Oh sure, I know everyone says that about their pets, but this is one very special cat. Obviously you can see he's stunning but that's only the beginning.

To start with, he's a breed called Somali which is essentially an Abyssinian crossed with some longer furred breed, most likely with a Turkish Angora, a long time ago. The result is an extremely smart, playful, energetic cat with Abbyssinian coloring but with the Turkish's longer fur tail and mane. The rest of his coat is medium length, but extremely fine making his coat extra silky.

Tazz is a big jumper and can jump a good 6 feet straight up! He prefers to perch on top of the refrigerator or open doors for the best view. He fetches like a dog, and will bring me toys all day long to throw or otherwise play with. He's also a smart talker and has learned many of my commands and vocal inflections, as I have his. 

This is his favorite perch in the computer room. Yes, that's the top of the closet doors! He's typically there whenhever I'm working on the computer, or he might be IN the closet among the spare blankets and such. He really does follow me around the house all day.

He's not a lap cat, instead preferring his human contact to be much more interactive such as fetching and chasing various toys, or perhaps playing hide-n-seek. His hearing and eyesight put mine to shame, so it's a rare occasion that I can hide from him, but once in a while I do manage to startle him... slightly.

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