w e b s i t e    d e s i g n

This is THIS website you're already viewing! I list it here as it's my latest website project, and it shows many new design techniques.

This is my music website I created around 2002 as a way to promote my musical interests.

This is a website project I undertook for two friends who were starting up a new fitness center. They had a general idea in mind and most of the copy, but I took all the photos and created this site for them. 

This is a musical site, focused on the history of Fender amps. The foundation for this site came from a fellow musician, who decided not to continue his website. The information here was too valuable to let disappear, so I created this site to keep the information available to everyone.

My father had a personal website before I did! He wanted a minimalist approach for a site ppromoting his architectural practice. I wanted to make things a little fancier, but he knew what he wanted and that's what I gave him.

This isn't so much of a website as it is more of the "web essay". I visited Germany back in 2001 for work and decided to grab a long weekend for myself, so I rented a car and drove from Germany, to Switzerland, to France and back into Germany in the span of 3 days. I created this little "website" as a little travel log of that long weekend.

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